The Story of B.A.E.

Where do I begin, I feel like with everything else in my life it hasn’t been planned but when it evolved I put everything behind it. Just a little over a decade ago, I was a corporate litigator working for one of the top firms in Tampa. It wasn’t until my encounter with the grumpy front desk woman at a former health club did I have on my radar that I actually wanted to be in the health club business.

When I asked if a particular machine would ever be replaced, her response was if you don’t like how this gym is you should start your own. Thanks…I will do just that…I enlisted my health club veteran father as a mastermind to start a general fitness health club that was CLEAN, with working machines and affordable.

Insert the 2008-2009 rescission that never happened, and our $10 a month gym model took off, the idea of trimming the fat on all the costly extras that very little members used to make it affordable for the “working class” was on everyone’s radar. First I was moonlighting in every position that needed to be filled at our flagship location and working full time driving up and down the state in court all while nine months pregnant.

I needed my 9-5 attorney salary so we could continue to live as bootstrapped the clubs along…when we reached a dozen, I resigned with my law firm and spent the next two weeks in bed crying. All my life I was suppose to be this attorney who made partner…blah blah…it was like a divorce of the image I created in my head of what defined my success. Pushing along we created a national chain of health clubs exceeding 14 states and 125 corporate stores.

During this adventure my mind started to turn to us as women…we pay all this money to have a personal trainer, gym membership, healthy menu food delivery…why does it have to be a luxury to have someone take care of us? There are memberships for everything even our online shopping..hello amazon! My passion in health and wellness burning with the thought every human feels that need of personal appearance for confidence…we need to cultivate a place where women of all ages and incomes can come in, be pampered leave feeling their best from within to outside.

Rose Johnson and I meet when I was nine months pregnant with my third child during a glam session at my house, we immediately clicked. Together we plotted out the atmosphere we wanted to create, we wanted it to be more than a beauty sanctuary, we wanted it to be a place where women came in weekly like a manicure appointment and it was not something for the pretentious crowd to say hey…I don’t feel like washing my hair today!

A great blowout should not be a luxury it should be a necessity for all. We came up with the name B.A.E. which is a play on the urban word for Baby or Girl, but is actually the middle initials of my children (Breckin Aspen Easton)…the hearts scattered around the logo and throughout our whimsical playground are homage to the heart shaped birthmark on my daughter Brinkleys nose.

The inside of B.A.E. was thought out with our B.A.E.s in mind…The B.A.E.s are Sandy, Josephine, Khloe, Scarlett, Harlow Jane and Brinkley. There are flowers and trees inside and outside as a symbolize of beauty grows from within, there s a rope swing to encourage to “let it go” behavior and jump on for a swing under the beautiful trees.

The mirrors are distressed with mercury so we cannot focus on how we walk in its how we leave feeling. Each of our illustrated B.A.E.s are representative of women in our lives. Sandy is the name of my mother iaw, Josephine is the name of my deceased grandmother, Scarlett is my best friend who is as southern as pecan pie, Harlow Jane is the name of my best friends daughter who I love like a niece with this beautiful sunshine soul, Brinkley is my baby girl…Khloe is a long story but probably the wild girl you all know.

Each of the B.A.E.s are a signature look that we offer at B.A.E. Making women feel beautiful and empowered is our love language.



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