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As an entrepreneur, it takes a lot to step out of your comfort zone to take that thought and make it into a business.  It is a lot of sacrifices not just monetary, you sacrifice time with your family and friends, no paychecks or pay cuts until the business is running smoothly…sometimes you do not take a paycheck for months so you can pay your employees. You push forward and right when things feel like they are churning, COVID-19 happens.  Government mandated business closures, self-sheltering- all unprecedented actions in our community.

This is the time when, as a community, we need to link arms and support each other.  Local businesses NEED you, some put everything into making that gym, little boutique or restaurant that you like to go to a reality.  If you can afford to, keep paying your membership dues or buy a gift card or package online.  This is their livelihoods, this is how they are paying their employees, vendors, rents…if we do not support our local businesses when this pandemic is over they will be closed forever.

The symbol of BAE Beauty Bar is the heart, we are all the heart of the community.

To support our local business during this time, from today until April 1st we will give you a free blowout for receipt over $30 from a local business. 

Spend a little money to keep our community love going, and get some love from our BAEs.

xoxo Christy and the BAES

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