What is BAE Beauty Bar?

In short, BAE Beauty Bar is YOUR beauty sanctuary!

A great blowout should be more of a necessity and less of a luxury, you know it and we believe it. BAE Beauty Bar is here to remind you that pampering doesn’t have to be pretentious or expensive, and taking time for ourselves should never be a casualty of long days and busy schedules. And “just because” is far more important than “I can’t do it”.  When making the decision to treat yourself to an hour at BAE Beauty Bar, should not just be for a “special occasion”.

The BAE Beauty Bar hair and makeup team are immediately available and waiting for you. Waiting to make you feel rejuvenated and beautiful in less than 60 minutes. Most of us have gym memberships, yoga memberships, and club memberships. Why not have a blow dry and makeup styling membership? Enrollment in the BAE Brigade ensures WE do the “work out” in styling your hair and makeup and have YOU “in shape” in 60 minutes or less. 

Our love language is making you BEAUTIFUL. Let US do the work and remember that BAE also means personal Blow Dryers Are Extinct.


Commit to Great Hair Days!

Join the BAE Brigade and save!